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Return Policy

Return Policy

배송지역 배달날짜 당일오전 6시까지 주문취소 하실수있습니다.
이메일을 통해 취소를 알려주세요.
환불은 취소하신 모든 비용을 환불해드립니다.
받은 물건에 문제가 있거나 어떤 이유든지 맘에 들지 않으시면 24시간 이내 제품사진과 함께 이메일로 연락을 하시면 곧바로 처리해 드리겠습니다.

You can cancel your order before 6:00 am of the very same day of the delivery in your area.
 Please note that you can cancel your order only through Email.
If you have any problems with the delivered products or you are not satisfied with the products received for whatsoever reason, please let us know through Email
within 24 hours upon receiving the product along with the picture of the products delivered.
Upon receiving your E-mail, we’ll pay back the money you paid.


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